Basinview Rocks

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Keith Mullins - Producer

Carol Coutts - Music Teacher

Basinview Drive Community School has a long standing history with the local and Canadian music scene. Beginning in 2008, there have been special guest visitors to the school - to interact and perform with the students! Our goal has always been to build connections, and to foster the relationship between the arts, the school, the families and our community.

Some of our guest artists have included: David Myles, Meaghan Smith, Hawksley Workman, Joel Plaskett, Lennie Gallant, Matt Andersen, Dave Gunning, Amelia Curran, Thom Swift, T. Thomason, Kellie Loder, Dave Sampson, Jeremy Fisher, Mark Bragg, Ashley Moffatt, Willie Stratton, Steven Macdougall, and Christine Campbell.

Our producer is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Keith Mullins from Cape Breton. Keith is the magic both behind the scenes, as well as on the stage, performing with Basinview students more than any other artist!

Carol Coutts, music teacher, takes care of all the administrative details, as well as all of the choral arrangements. She also works with the students to coordinate advertising, logistics, scheduling and student led interviews. All events are overseen by student teams who attend to set-up of the equipment, care of special guests and recording/video assist details.

Videographer is Matthew Ingraham, and he catches all the moments big and small. We couldn't do this without him!

CD releases include Basinview Rocks - Music is our Playground, and Basinview Rocks with Keith Mullins. Charity concerts include CD release for Basinview Rocks Music is Our Playground, Basinview Rocks Again, and Keith Mullins LIVE! The students from Basinview have had guest appearances on David Myles' "It's Christmas" CD, and various special performances at Nova Scotia Music Awards events and East Coast Music Awards stages. Money has been raised for the IWK and Kids Help Phone.

In 2018, Basinview Rocks Lunchtime Sessions was created, as a way to showcase the special bond these kids have with performers. Special arrangements of the guest artists songs are recorded with the entire school backing them up along with student led interviews, and all is presented in a special video. Our students love being involved in these memorable events. We can't wait to do more!

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, or if you would like to make a donation to help support future projects, please contact music teacher: Carol Coutts (

or call the school directly 902-832-8450

Basinview Drive Community School is located in Bedford, Nova Scotia , in the Municipality of Halifax.